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PUHALICA 320W 150-500*C 24L/min


VPC Cijena: 760,00 kn - pošalji upit

MPC Cijena: 950,00 kn

Pošalji upit

ZD-939L, PUHALICA 320W 150-500*C 24L/min, , OPREMA ZA LEMLENJE

Version L with 2nd switch and cool down function

SMD rework station for easy insertion and soldering of SMD components on the hot air method.

• Soldering / desoldering (hot air): 150 to 500 ° C.
• High air delivery, adjustable flow rate
• LCD display for set and actual temperature
• Precise temperature setting in 1 ° C increments
• actual temperature sensor in the soldering
• Anti-static design

The wide adjustment range for temperature and "Air - Flow" also supports automatic cooling for the work of SMD components.

Blue backlit screen that displays:
• Temperature setpoint
• Actual temperature
• heating

• Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz
• Power consumption: 320 W
• Air pump: Diaphragm Pump
• air-handling capacity: max. 22 liters / minute
• Löt-/Entlöt-Temperatur: 150 to 500 ° C.
• Display: 2-line LCD display

including 4 interchangeable hot air nozzles (the nozzle port diameter 21.5 mm)


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