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VPC Cijena: 48,00 kn - ima na lageru

MPC Cijena: 60,00 kn

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The FAN6756 is a next-generation Green Mode PWM controller with innovative mWSaver™ technology, which dramatically reduces standby and no-load power consumption, enabling conformance to worldwide Standby Mode efficiency guidelines. 
An innovative AX-CAP™ method minimizes losses in the EMI filter stage by eliminating the X-cap discharge resistors while meeting IEC61010-1 safety requirements. Standby Mode clamps feedback voltage and modulates feedback impedance with a impedance modulator during Burst Mode operation, which forces the system to operate in a “deep” Burst Mode with minimum switching losses. 
Protections ensure safe operation of power system in various abnormal conditions. Proprietary asynchronous jitter decreases EMI emission and built-in synchronized slope compensation allows more stable Peak-Current-Mode control over wide range of input voltage and load conditions. The proprietary internal line compensation ensures constant output power limit over entire universal line voltage range.
Requiring a minimum number of external components, FAN6756 provides a basic platform that is well suited for cost-effective flyback converter designs that require extremely low standby power consumption.


Single-Ended Topologies, such as Flyback and Forward Converters

mWSaver™ Technology

Achieves Low No-Load Power Consumption: Less than 30mW at 230VAC (EMI Filter Loss Included)

Eliminates X Capacitor Discharge Resistor Loss with AX-CAP™ Technology

Linearly Decreases Switching Frequency to 23KHz

Burst Mode Operation at Light-Load Condition

Impedance Modulation in Standby Mode for “Deep” Burst Mode Operation

Low Operating Current (450µA) in Standby Mode

500V High-Voltage JFET Startup Circuit to Eliminate Startup Resistor Loss

Highly Integrated with Rich Features

Proprietary Asynchronous-Jitter to Reduce EMI

High-Voltage Sampling to Detect Input Voltage

Peak-Current-Mode Control with Slope Compensation

Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting with Line Compensation

Built-In 8ms Soft-Start

Leading Edge Blanking (LEB)

Brown-In/Brownout Recovery

Advanced Protections

VDD Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO)

Internal Overload/Open-Loop Protection (OLP)

Over-Temperature Protection (OTP)

VDD Over-Voltage Protection (VDD OVP)

Current-Sense Short-Circuit Protection (SSCP)


Notebook PC
LCD Monitor

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